You would think that with Taurus and Libra both being ruled by Venus they would be very compatible signs. Alas, that is not quite the case. Below the surface, too much is different. If Taurus and Libra both have patience and trust that they will eventually find their way, they may be able to grow a beautiful relationship, but there will be many pitstops along the way. Otherwise, friendship might be their only hope.

Taurus and Libra Friendship Compatibility

Taurus and Libra’s rhythms and tempos may not initially align. Libra moves fast and can sometimes exit a relationship even before the other half can even comprehend what just happened. With Taurus’s more sedentary nature sometimes they can’t, or won’t, keep up and prefer to settle in one place instead of bouncing around with Libra.

Even though both signs are ruled by Venus and have similarities, they could not fundamentally be more different. Taurus loves to be comfortable and relies heavily on touch and taste. Conversely, Libra wants everything pretty, relying on sight and smell.

The difference lies in their exalting planets:
Taurus = Moon
Libra = Saturn

The exalted planet of each sign is the placement where the sign feels happiest and has its highest power. The difference in the exalting planets of Taurus and Libra can make it hard for them to understand and anticipate each other’s wants and needs. Libra loves a good debate, but Taurus isn’t interested. Taureans generally have but one opinion on most subjects which is forever unchanging, and there is no changing that! There are some similarities, though. Both believe that everyone should get along. Taurus is more self-motivated, which can create some tension in their relationship with Libra, who works best with groups and has a hard time understanding why Taurus prefers to work alone.

Taurus and Libra Relationship Compatibility

Simply put, Taureans and Librans have a tendency to drive each other crazy. Does that make for the best relationship? Possibly not. If they are attracted to each other enough, they could potentially make it work. However, most of the time, they just don’t make it to the relationship stage.

Librans, especially Libra women, are more often than not in a relationship. They can be listless without a partner. They easily get attention from the other sex but don’t rush into intimacy. Taurus, on the other hand, takes things slowly and may not move fast enough to catch Libra when they are available.

When they make it to the relationship stage, it is an old school romance. They both put each other’s needs first. Both know how to pamper the other, making them feel special. Taurus, especially, is good at looking after those they love but also has a healthy sense of self-care. To them, the balance between their relationship with themselves and their relationship with Libra is essential. A motto Taurus lives by is: “You can’t have a good relationship with someone until you have a good relationship with yourself.”

Taureans never doubt their own character, while indecisive Librans are never certain of what they want or need. Libra loves their freedom but is indecisive and freezes when actually required to make a decision. Taurus is loyal, reliable, and never strays, but can have a very possessive streak which can make Libra run away if they feel their freedom is being limited.

In a relationship, Libra can expand the Taurus mind, helping them see new points of view. This can promote a personal growth in Taurus that they never expected, making a relationship with a Libran a lot easier than initially thought.

Taurus and Libra Love Compatibility

The Taurus/Libra relationship comes with its fair share of jealousy due to Libra’s natural charm and Taurus’s occasional jealousy. Librans adore love but also enjoy a balance in their personal lives, while a Taurean’s nature may sometimes infringe on a Libran’s personal space and freedom.

Libra wants to be loved by everyone; they crave it. They can also come across as flirty. Taurus can have a hard time with this, especially if there are already cracks in the foundation of the relationship. It can make a jealous and possessive Taurus fly off the handle. Don’t worry, Taurus, if Libra is happy, they won’t actually stray.

When in love, both are supportive, kind, and understanding. Taurus takes their own time, goes their own way, at their own pace. Libra women are drawn to Taurus tenderness and genuine personality. To everyone else, they can come off as grumpy, but as Libra knows, Taurus is really just a big softy at heart.

Taurus and Libra Sex Compatibility

Because they share the same ruling planet, there could be some intense initial sexual attraction. They make exciting lovers, and both prefer to limit stress and drama in their relationship. The Libra man is a natural-born gentleman who is a loyal lover, and he seeks the same from his Taurus partner.
Expect plenty of lovemaking touching, kissing, and declarations of love between Libra and Taurus. Their ruling planet really comes out to play in the bedroom. The only sexual hang-up is that the bull has a high chance of becoming addicted to sex, potentially using it to escape from the realities of life and their relationship.

Taurus and Libra Marriage Compatibility

When in a long term relationship, like marriage, Libra can get frustrated with how Taurus loves to laze about. Rest and relaxation are essential to Taureans, while Librans tend to get frazzled by their demanding schedule.

When Libra becomes overwhelmed, Taurus is the perfect, dependable rock. Be careful, though; due to their dualistic natures, when Libras are overwhelmed, they can become frigid and moody at a moment’s notice. They may need to take a step back and re-center themselves.


Taurus and Libra can have a fulfilling and happy relationship. But it will take much hard work and dedication on both their parts. Their union may be challenging to maintain, but that doesn’t mean it can’t turn into a beautiful pairing. With a lot of patience from both partners, it can be a good fit. There may be a time that one or the other may almost give up hope, but if they persevere and recognize and accept that they are fundamentally different, they may have a chance of making a solid, rewarding and unique relationship that endures.

Taurus & Libra: Love Compatibility