The relationship of Sagittarius and Capricorn is somewhat a difficult combination but a lot to offer as well. Capricorn wants to garner some sort of security from the plans for relationship, while Sagittarius prefers to “wing it”. Sagittarius can loosen up Capricorn, offering a freshness and encouragement that is hard to find, while Capricorn can help Sagittarius to see the value of planning ahead.

A Capricorn man is a very practical and wise person. Although he aims high and strives for success, he believes that dreams are for the dreamers. With his feet firmly grounded, a Capricorn man chooses the tried and true over a risky adventure almost every time. He appears to be drawn back and quite cold, but it is only because he is afraid to show his true emotional colors. Deep inside he is tried and true to his kin and does anything necessary to protect them. Being in a relationship brings out the very traditional and protective lover in him who firmly holds his lady and provides her with everything possible.

A Sagittarius woman is quite an honest individual, sometimes so much that her words may cut like a knife. It is merely in her nature to be as honest with others as she can be and doesn’t mean to be so crude at times. Being a very independent person, the family is a part of Sagittarius woman’s life but only a small part. She is more than likely to go off and do things on her own early in life. In a relationship, a Sagittarius woman is a passionate woman with lots of fun to experience but she gives priority to her independence.

Sagittarius Woman Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

How compatible are Sagittarius women and Capricorn men mentally, emotionally and sexually? The best word to describe the Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man is opposite. The fiery female archer is always on the go, while the earthy male goat is steadfast and stable. She is full of energy and he is full of determination. Together, though, these two zodiac signs can help each other.

Sagittarius Woman Capricorn Man in Sex and Bed

When the Capricorn male falls for the Sagittarius female, the initial expressions of love include warm kisses coupled with tender touches and strong magnetic appeal. They feel strongly attracted towards each other and feel intimidated by each other’s presence. They gradually explore each other and enjoy intimate moments of intense love and passionate love making which result into complete satisfaction at the emotional and physical front. The duo knows how to make the other partner feel comfortable and secure while making love and strengthening their relationship with compassion and romance. He needs to learn to express his emotions and feelings with more force and intensity to his lady so that she is assured of a strong association and she needs to avoid making harsh remarks on his man as it may deeply hurt him inside. She adds tolerance to their sexual life and makes it more stable and innovative with his imagination. With time, they are able to create a strong sexual bond which binds them with more strength and passion.

Pros of Sagittarius Woman Capricorn Man Compatibility

The Sagittarius woman will almost always make the first move on the Capricorn man, for she is a social butterfly. As the introvert, he is most likely off in a corner somewhere observing the room. She is intrigued by his quiet presence and wants to know more about him.

As the Sagittarius woman chats him up she notices how reserved he is, and she accepts this as a challenge to bring out more of his personality.

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He’s fascinated by all of her stories, for the Capricorn male is not as well traveled as she is. He’s more of a homebody, although he does whatever it takes to work toward an objective. The Sagittarius female acknowledges his ambitious nature for she has the same driving force he has.

The Sagittarius and Capricorn simply reach their goals in different ways. He is a steady climber, cautious and resolute, while she is a rocket that takes off without considering the consequences. These two sun signs are fascinated by their differences, and that is what brings this couple into the bedroom and improves their love compatibility.

And it is here where the Sagittarius Capricorn couple will first learn to compromise to keep their partner happy, for he is slow and sensual in his sexual approach and she is quick and passionate. He is a rock for her to build a foundation of lust and excitement.

But he does not engage in their sexual activities in that same manner. The Sagittarius woman sees him as an enigma, and one she must solve to extract maximum satisfaction from their lovemaking.

Cons of Sagittarius Woman Capricorn Man Compatibility

The Capricorn man is not easily moved, so she may get bored trying to engage him in the more physical aspects of their sexual union. Sagittarius will have to try and slow down at the beginning to tease her lover with romantic gestures and gentle caresses.

He can build up to quite a climax once he gets going. The Sagittarius female just has to be more patient and get into the mood, rather than playing it off as a fun time. If she can do that, her Capricorn mate will turn their fire into a blaze.

These kinds of adjustments will have to continue outside the bedroom as well, for these two sun signs have completely different ways of looking at the world. While she is flighty and optimistic, he is subdued and realistic.

He’s the successful one in this Sagittarius woman Capricorn man pairing, always taking care of their finances, while she couldn’t care less about money. Sagittarius women spend money like it’s going out of style which will drive him crazy. And when the Capricorn man finally shows her his stubborn streak, she will feel caged in and want to flee.

This will only further their disagreement, for Capricorn men don’t see the need to travel so far from home. The Capricorn will have to allow her more freedom and she will have to stay home once in a while if this pairing is to work.


How will a Sagittarius woman and a Capricorn male love relationship be?

With the powerfully increasing passion in love of Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman, they both experience the difference in the compatibility which is rare to be found. Their minds are so much matched that their hearts soon start beating with the same rhythm. The Sagittarius female with her patience and loving passion, teaches her Capricorn male to become more expressive and romantic and the Capricorn man brings her closer to family ties and practical approach. Everything they do, and every field they take has brighter approach for them. The warmth of their love blesses them with strength to live up the tough times and enjoy the happy and romantic moments of their lives together.

Can Capricorn be with Sagittarius?

When the timing’s right, Sagittarius, and Capricorn could merge beautifully if they share intentions of building a life together and encouraging growth and creative expansion. Sagittarius is Jupiter-ruled with a boundless nature, searching and on the move. Capricorn is Saturn-ruled, the planet of responsibility.

Why are Sagittarius so attracted to Capricorns?

Sagittarius and Capricorn will be immensely attracted to each other, and this is mainly an attraction between their minds and not a physical or sexual one. They both want to be with each other desperately, but they do not know how to make things work with each other as each of them are so different.

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