First quarter shall be quite challenging, reputation might be highly damaged, pinching comments from the relatives may arrive, mental and physical deterioration, work performance degradation are seen whereas the rest of the month shall be mixture of good and bad time. Financial condition shall be consolidated, may buy something new for home, may go on long journey but major health issue may surface. By the end of month luxuries might be added and pleasant new will come.

Sagittarius May 2020 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

The very first day of the month shall go peacefully but the challenges will start coming then after. Family issues will develop into quarrels, you might be blamed for not carrying out the responsibilities properly; reputation might be highly shaken with the criticisms of relatives and family members. Health will deteriorate, mentally you will be restless. Lethargy and melancholy will home inside you. You may hear some unexpected blames and comments from your closed ones. Working efficiency will slow down. In profession challenges will crop, running projects will stuck in the mid way whereas no fresh deal could be finalized. Your efforts will not bring desirable results. By the end of this quarter the things will start turning in favor which will make you somewhat relaxed and satisfied. You will spend good time in sports and physical exercise. Family atmosphere will become congenial. Next two – three days might be challenging which will damage mental peace. Practice meditation to overcome from mental distraction. By the end of the second quarter there shall not be any achievement, but you will meet someone very close to your heart. During the third and fourth quarter you will experience better phase of life. Life shall be filled with love and romance. You will acquire knowledge through enlightening literature. Profession skills will improve and long journey might be planned. Financial condition will also improve which will slow down most of worries. During the period you will be quite energetic and active in performing domestic and professional duties. But the later part of third quarter some major disease may surface. Take medication timely otherwise this will grow into a big trouble. Your interest towards science, technology and towards the secrets of world may arise hence you will invest time in enhancing knowledge. During the last quarter you will enjoy all the comforts of life; luxuries shall be added and may receive any good news which will make family atmosphere congenial. You will come in contact with distant friends and relatives. During this quarter you will experience crests and troughs from the family end. It shall be a short period but panic as well. Good time will start by the end of the month. This month is good for job seeker; they may get better job opportunities whereas the students will maintain focus towards the studies without being distracted from the worldly pleasures. Females will remain mostly self centric whereas the old fellows will see everything negative. Read religious literature to enhance knowledge and seek mental peace. Take balanced diet and do regular exercise to stay fit and fine.

Sagittarius May 2020 Weekly Forecast

Sagittarius May 1st – 7th

You will have a blissful and comfortable day on 1st; everything will move in the expected way, no hurdles no hiccups are foreseen. Daily routine works would be completed on time; professionally you would be performing well. Family atmosphere shall be comfortable and favorable. But the period between 2nd and 3rd would be full of challenges. Physical health may deteriorate; you could be caught by some seasonal ailments. Relatives may act life foe, their heart breaking comments may pierce your heart. In professional no favorable developments are indicated. Mentally you would be puzzled and disappointed to see the things moving in the adverse direction. However there would be some betterment between 4th and 6th. You will gather yourself, confidence will be regained. Initially you will not get desired result but later on the things will start moving in the expected direction. In profession you will leave no stone unturned to materialize your end. Work efficiency shall be high and it would be duly appreciated with proper remuneration. The time is good for the job seekers they may get suitable job opportunities according to their qualification and skills. At this juncture of time you will strike a perfect balance between professional and familial life. Gradually the situation will become conductive on 7th you will be happy and satisfied with your achievements and efforts.

Sagittarius May 8th – 15th

On 8th you will invest the day as per your liking. Today you will get only favorable results of all your endeavors. You will be engrossed in outdoor games and sports. To maintain health you may do physical exercise. You will feel confident and stronger. Relatives and closed ones will be supportive and affectionate for you. Between 9th and 11th you will bear a courteous and humble behavior, which will be wide appreciated and further consolidate relationships. You will be successful in winning the hearts of near and dear ones. Financially you would be on strong footing. You will develop a charismatic personality; everyone would be impressed and love to be in your company. There would be remarkable changes in your approach. This would be the most paying period when everything will go as per your wish. The tide will have an adverse change between 12th and 13th. Unexpected hurdles may crop in professional end. You would be out of work; no positive developments are foreseen at professional end. However between 14th and 15th there would be some betterment in the prevailing situation. Although there would not be any substantial gain in but you would be happy. You may meet some of your old friends and share memorable moments.

Sagittarius May 16th – 23rd

The period between 16th and 18th is favorable for the love birds they will be close to one another. Misunderstanding and confusion will dissolve and their relations would be induced with warmth. You will be drawn towards love and romance. Marital life would be blissful. The students would be focused and dedicated to the subject of their interest they will acquire knowledge through inspirational books and may expect favorable results. You would be blessed with the auspicious time frame between 19th and 20th. Long journeys could be conducted which will give only favorable results. You would be full of energy and enthusiasm. During the phase something new would be added to household. Honor and reputation will swell. Inflow of money shall be thick and fast. You would be confident and happy to see the things moving in the expected direction. Between 21st and 22nd you will have to be cautious for your physical health since chronic disease may surface. Hurdles and troubles may crop in every sphere of life, ongoing projects would be held up at the final moment and no new work could be initiated. However on 23rd you will have a better phase again. You will be keen in science and technology, may acquire knowledge through books and electronic media. You would be happy and confident.

Sagittarius May 24th – 31st

Between 25th and 26th you will come across with some good news from the close relatives or friends. Luxuries and comforts would be added to life. Friends and relatives will be quite supportive and affectionate. In profession you would be doing well and establish cordial relations with coworkers, subordinates and seniors. Between 27th and 28th you will come in contact with far placed friends and relatives through internet or other technology. It would be a hilarious moments, you will liberally share memorable moments. Family atmosphere shall be good and members would be considerate. In profession you may take some bold decision whose results would be positive. At this juncture of time you will strike a perfect balance between professional and domestic life. Between 29th and 30th you may fall in self introspection phase to know the real cause of life and overcome form your own weaknesses. Something irritating may happen. You may come across with some unpleasant news. Family members may go against you and you may feel lax but shortly the situation will be under control. There would be frequent crests and troughs in life. On 31st you will have a favorable phase. You would be profession centric and take the things seriously. You will discharge professional and domestic obligations properly and timely.

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