Along with Gemini and Aquarius, a Libra is classified under the element of air. Libras are specifically known for their charisma, and also their need for harmony and balance. A Libra does not thrive in the presence of chaos, no matter how hard they try. However, they do make great lovers and partners. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Libra zodiac sign.

Balancing Logic and Desire

The balanced Libra with a flare for desire is a force like none other when seeking romance. The sign rests under Venus, ruled by love, passion, and desire. But what sign can match the laid back, but extroverted air-sign? An look into the Libra Compatibility Chart will give an idea.

Libra Compatibility Chart : Who rests on the other scale?

Who are Libras most compatible with? Someone who can match their intellectual wit and compassion for their society!

  1. Gemini: the Power Couple; High
  2. Libra: Two Peas in a Pod;High
  3. Aquarius: Loving and Bonded Duo; High
  4. Leo: A hot and maybe lasting date; Medium
  5. Aries: A passionate relationship; Medium
  6. Taurus: Creative Cohort; Medium
  7. Pisces: Your Energetic balance; Medium
  8. Scorpio: An uncomfortable date; Low
  9. Sagittarius: Potential disaster or success; Medium – Low
  10. Capricorn: Debbie downer of the evening; Low
  11. Cancer: Crash and burn pick up line; Non-existent
  12. Virgo: No pizzaz conversation; Non-existent

Balanced or Not? : A Look into Libra’s Matches

Libra BEST matches

Among the signs, Geminis, Libras, and Aquariuses lead the way to steal the heart and affection of a Libra. Unsurprisingly, all are fellow air signs. A sure way to lose a Libra is to restrict them. With the same fear, Geminis and Aquariuses move fluidly with Libras.


The gentle Gemini brings a compassionate ear and a slew of creative ideas. At the core of the Libra and Gemini bond would be conversation and friendly socialization. Sure to be the life of any party as a couple, this power couple would entertain their guests with lighthearted stories.
Beware — The combo could have a major discord. Libra values loyalty, trust, and balance. Generally, this works for Gemini. However, Geminis may be indecisive and flaky at times. This inconsistency could spell trouble for the two.
Advice — When engaged in a relationship, stay true to each other and say terms of endearment often. Don’t let your busy lives detract from your love!
** Perfect MATCH!


Two Libras create the best balance and set each other’s strengths to new highs. Never a dull moment between them, the pair spends their time hiking and talking about the great mysteries of life. They could bond over shared interests like social issues.
Beware — Neither are particularly confrontational and both prefer to lead. Passive aggressive behavior make rot a potentially soul-aligned union.
Advice — Establish boundaries early and clearly show respect for one another.


The dynamic, near water sign sets a new dynamic aflame in a Libra’s life. The two could fight for their favorite causes together. Conversation would be important to two, as both have plenty ideas.
Beware — Aquarius’s temperamental and erratic emotions may rub a Libra the wrong way. Rather than logic and reason, an Aquarius may fall back to sentiment. This does not sit well with the sign of balance.
Advice — Create a language of love and respect. Learn to express feelings in a productive and non-judgmental way.

Libra WORST matches


Overly sensitive and out for themselves, a Cancer will send Libras running for the door. The interested Cancer may approach with a cheesy pick-up-line in hopes to manipulate the guarded Libra. Best avoid the situation all together. Cancer is the worst possible match for a Libra.


Not much to talk about and with little passion, the Virgo could never keep a Libra’s interest for long. Both may attempt a date out of initial intrigue, but the Libra will sit in dull silence wondering what book they should pick up on the way home.

Matches for Libra Men and Women
Every Libra has their own flare and unique qualities. A closer look at gender and matches will reveal more potential for Libra Love!

Best Matches for Libra Women

A Libra woman values balance, but prefers mystery and the feeling of love. Dating — the gifts, chocolate, and romance — are key to winning a Libra woman. So, what zodiac sign fits the bill?

  1. Aquarius – A sweet balance of logic and mystery sweeps the Libra lady off her feet!
  2. Taurus – A surprising rouge to break the stuck Libra woman from her routine, mundane life.

Date Ideas for the Libra Woman in Your Life

  1. A Museum: Find out her passion, whether art, history, or otherwise. Take her to a gallery show and let her know you care just as deeply about her interests.
  2. A Romantic Get Away: Show her you mean business and take her away to a weekend of luxury, love, and intrigue.
  3. A Sunset Hike: Grab some wine and a blanket and head up the nearest mountain. Surrounded in nature and your arms, the Libra woman will fall madly in love.

Best Matches for Libra Men

The sense of stability and routine ingrained in the Libra man needs to be tempered with a compassionate and dear companion. The right match will be highly logical, but also deeply sensitive. Which Zodiac sign could steal the Libra man’s heart?

  1. Gemini – The right balance of logic and tenderness to care for a Libra man.
  2. Pisces – Mysterious and creative, but logical. This sign will keep a Libra man on his toes!

Date Ideas for the Libra Man

  1. Coffee or Whiskey Date: Dive deep into conversation with his drink of preference!
  2. Long, Sweaty Hike: Head outdoors and grab your pack!

Best Gifts for Libras

Looking to woo your Libra boo? Check out Libra’s top gifts by gender. Try appealing to their sense of compassion, purpose, and intellect.

Libra Women Gifts

1. Jewelry: Show your love with a sparkly opal bracelet!
2. Books: Whether kindle or paperback, a sure win for their inner bookworm!
3. Donation: Provide a loving gift to their favorite charity to win their hearts!

Libra Men Gifts

1. Tools: Let them bring their passions into life with a tool set!
2. Books: Find out their favorite genre and buy a limited edition copy!
3. Star Chart: Buy them a custom star chart of their sign!


What are Libras attracted to?

In terms of personality, a Libra needs someone who can provide a certain balance in their life. This, therefore, means that they can’t tolerate toxic relationships and will avoid them at all costs. They are drawn to people who give them space when necessary, but who will accompany them in their adventures in life. They are attracted to extrovert personalities, just like theirs are, for the reason that Libras have so many social groups, and an introvert may not be comfortable with this. Librans are extroverts and are attracted to similar personalities. This is why they have so many social groups, which an introvert may not be comfortable with.

Are Libra and Libra a good combination?

Being in a relationship with someone that shares the same sign can definitely work for a Libra. Values are a big deal for them, so they would be shared. Both also have a need for harmony and balance, so it is unlikely to be a dysfunctional relationship. When these two signs come together, they create a supportive, loyal, and perfectly balanced relationship. Furthermore, they don’t have to worry about appearing too vain because if anything, they’ll be vain together. When going to a party, both Librans will make sure that they look good, both individually and as a couple.

Who are Libras most compatible with?

Along with a Libra-Libra coupling, they are also compatible with Aquarius. These two make a powerful couple and will likely have a unique mental connection that would make each feel understood by the other. With an intimate mental connection, the relationship will feel light and easy, which is perfect for the well-balanced Libra. Lastly, this is a relationship that generates friendship and laughter. Libra and Aquarius will be each other’s best friend and lover, all in one.

Why should you date a Libra?

If you’re looking for an extremely romantic and well-balanced partner, Libra is the perfect sign. Libra is known for being in love with love, and they’ll go out of their way to shout romance into the air when they’re dating you. When a Libra falls in love, they’re all for romantic gestures, both big and small. If all that isn’t enough, their charm and humor are enough to captivate you when dating a Libra.

Why are Libras so good in bed?

Libra is known for being creative and adventurous in bed. With a Libra, you don’t have to worry about either your chemistry or intimacy fading. With their sex appeal and charm, they’re more than enough to keep the thrill of the relationship alive. They’re open-minded, and they’ll do everything to please their partners. Just say what you want, and they’ll do it with pleasure.

Are Libras good kissers?

Due to their charisma, Libras make passionate and tender lovers. When they kiss someone, they make it a point that the other person feels it for the passionate, meaningful kiss that it is. When a Libra kisses, it’s either slow and tender or fast and passionate; there is no in-between. Libras are specifically known for their charming and seductive nature, and it’s what makes them exceptional lovers.

Why are Libras so beautiful?

Libras are the diamond in the rough, and this is part of the reason why people are so drawn to them. They have brains, beauty, and everything in between. A Libra is a perfect package. Aside from their physical attributes, what makes them beautiful is their appreciation of a person’s soul. They are romantic idealists, and they always see the beauty in things. In conclusion, I hope this article helped you gain an insight into the charismatic and romantic sign known as Libra. They make incredible lovers and companions, and it’s easy for them to attract people to them. Harmony and balance are what a Libra is all about. They just can’t stand being in the presence of chaos as they thrive in peace and calmness.