Aries and Taurus: Compatibility in Relationship

Do Aries and Taurus get along? That depends. Aries and Taurus are two of the most fascinating neighbors in the zodiac. Being next to each other suggests a close relationship, but many of their characteristics make them feel like they are really opposites.

They’re a true Mars – Venus relationship, and these planets often get referred to as though they’re the only two planets in the solar system, like a binary. But, they aren’t, and the fact that they aren’t indicates a much more complex relationship.

Aries and Taurus Compatibility in Friendship

Friendship and love overlap, but the difference is that typically, friends stand shoulder to shoulder facing the same direction, while lovers face each other. Friendship between these two is a little easier to bear than romance. Differences are a bit easier to be adjusted to be complementary rather than conflicting characteristics.

Aries and Taurus can make a great team. Fire sign Aries likes to be out in front, preferring decisions that are made quickly and decisively. Aries is born to take that bold, heroic leap. Taurus is slower, more methodical, and rooted in precedent. This might make it look like it can’t possibly work.

But look deeper. Taurus isn’t the hyper-detail oriented Virgo, vacillating Libra, or rule-bound Capricorn. Taurus is intuitive and trusts his intuition more than anything else. When Taurus knows, Taurus knows. He isn’t really Aries’ opposite. He’s more like Aries in slow motion. Once Taurus has come to truly trust Aries, these two could be unstoppable. Patient Taurus rarely cares that Aries likes to do most of the talking. He’s good at silence, comfortable being somewhat in the background behind Aries’ incendiary power.

One of the most powerful bonds between them is that they make each other laugh. Taurus, in particular, loves to laugh, and Taurean’s laughter is simple and slapstick. Aries, meanwhile, is too pure, too in-the-moment, to deeply care if laughter is perhaps at his expense. When Aries takes a fall or a pie in the face, he might not come back smiling, but after half an hour of raging, he’ll have forgotten all about it and will wonder why Taurus is still rolling on the floor with laughter. Taurus can literally laugh all day at a pratfall.

Neither sign is psychologically twisted or particularly complex. Both are essentially self-confident; neither is needy or clingy by nature. Taurus is, however, deep and capable of octaves of feelings which Aries might not comprehend, especially toward beauty. As friendly as these two can be, they probably don’t listen to the same music. Aries can find Taurean aesthetic tastes too languid and sentimental. Taurus can find Aries’ tastes rather garish and superficial.

Aries and Taurus Compatibility in Love

Love is very important to both Aries and Taurus because they’re ruled by the planets most associated with eros. This shared priority can carry them through a great deal of turmoil. The trouble is that those planets are very different planets and different elements, so rest assured: there will be turmoil.

Every archetypal difference between Venus and Mars will apply to the difference between Taurus and Aries in love. Every single one of them. You already know what those differences are. You need only contemplate those planets, those deities.

Aries and Taurus Compatibility in Sex and Bed

The difference between one sign liking things fast and furious and the other preferring slow and soulful, which can make for such a wonderful connection between friends, can be a problem when it comes to sex. Taurean sex is very closely related to Taurean’s emotional life, including vulnerabilities. As a lover, some Taureans will even pretend to have vulnerabilities they actually don’t have, just for the sake of ambiance.

To be fair, Taurus isn’t quite as committed to the melting gaze, or the shedding of tears, as Pisces and Cancer are. It’s somewhat less a matter of the heart and rather more a matter of the senses. For Taurus, every part of the body and most of a wardrobe is an erogenous zone. Sex begins the very first moment, on the first date when Taurus takes your hand or strokes your hair.

Are Taureans good in relationships? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes too!

Aries in bed, meanwhile, is about the passion of the moment, and the more spontaneous that moment, the better. In fact, Aries finds the conjunction “sex and bed” off-putting. What about the table-top? What about sex and the Ferris wheel car, or the alley, or the pew? Above all, what about sex now? The ram is ready to go. Aries doesn’t need a lot of hand-holding and likes lovers unscented, and sweaty, preferably with extra screaming.

Aries and Taurus can be good in relationships. When Arian style turns Taurus off, it’s not so much about hurt feelings as resentment toward waste; the feeling one might have toward someone who wolfs down a gourmet dinner in three minutes without truly savoring it. Troubling, perhaps, but they can work it out. It probably works out better when Aries is the male and Taurus the female.

Arian dirty talk will either make Taureans blush, which turns Aries on, or earthy, quiet Taurus won’t blush, which also turns Aries on.

Aries and Taurus Marriage Compatibility

These two might actually do better as a married couple than as unmarried lovers. This is because it presupposes an Aries who is ready to settle down and marry in the first place. Then the institution itself, and not just the Taurus lover as a person, can contribute to channeling that Mars fire.

Both are romantic, and yes, that means Aries, too. Taurus may initially suspect, but Aries is not into multiple relationships or much experimenting like an Aquarian. The Ram will be open to testing some boundaries, but typically within the context of a one-on-one relationship. Within that context, Aries’ wildness will, at worst, make Taurus giggle; anything that makes Taurus laugh is fine by Taurus.

Any problem these two have will more likely be about things like “What kind of car shall we buy?” “Where shall we live?” and, especially, “How will we handle money?”

The other problem will come when this couple fights, as almost all couples do, sooner or later. Aries’ ego will then have to absorb the reality of having partnered with someone whose rage, once released, far exceeds his own. The first time Taurus really delivers a string of profanities to Aries, Aries will be shocked, and then turned on. The Fire Sign will have discovered the fire that lurks at the center of Earth.


Can Aries and Taurus be soulmates? Yes, they can, but with obstacles. For instance, the Aries-Taurus cusp is notorious for producing some truly problematic relationships. But, for them to be friends, lovers, spouses… it’s worth the risk.

Aries & Taurus: Love Compatibility