Sagittarius Woman And Capricorn Man

Initially there could be some sparks in the relationship of Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man but long term relationship is a different proposition altogether. There are too many differences in their nature to make perfect match as she is too much independent and outgoing that makes the man insecure and his possessive attitude makes the woman shrink away. Capricorn man is very practical as well as wise and always aims and strives for high levels of success. But while dreaming he keeps his feet firmly grounded understanding the realities of life. He will always prefer the tried and true ones over any risky adventure. Sagittarius woman is honest but at times her words may have knife like effects though she does not mean to be crude. She is very independent and family is only a small part of her life.

Both experience high levels of differences when it comes to sexual compatibility since their likes and dislikes in love do not match at all. Of course with a little adjustment the relationship could still work but such instances are a rarity and not regularity. Trembling touches, magnetic curiosities, and powerful passion can still work for the duo and lovemaking, at least during the initial days could be exotic.

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