Capricorn Woman And Sagittarius Man

While initially the love between Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman might flourish quite a bit, the initial flame will extinguish with the passage of time making the relationship rather meaningless. If the two do not manage to complement each other properly the relationship is destined for disastrous ends. Sagittarius for an instance may like the strong personality of Capricorn woman but her inabilities in opening up will cause problems in the relationship. On the other hand Sagittarius man may not like to be committed which is never liked by Capricorn woman.

Sagittarius man is truthful and honest but is also great flirt who loves attention and could be playful though does not play with feelings of anyone. He might lie but that he does thinking it to be true. On the other hand the Capricorn woman will hold on to reality and since she knows what she wants she will also find out the ways to attain her goals. Not as flirty as Sagittarius, she is quite loyal and protective in relationship. Problems in their sexual life and lovemaking is that Sagittarius man is highly passionate and likes his partner to be so but Capricorn woman takes sexual encounter as a necessity of the body and does not express much passion.

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